Hundreds of tourists watch sun’s alignment on Abu Simbel

Hundreds of Egyptian and foreign tourists stood by the ancient Abu Simbel temple in Aswan to watch the sun’s alignment on the face of the statue of Pharaonic king Ramses II.
This rare astronomical phenomenon observed by tourists twice a year: 22 February, which marks the king’s assumption of the throne, and 22 October, his birthday.

Accused Dutch journalist flees Egypt

Rena Netjes, among 20 journalists is facing charges of spreading false news and involvement in alleged terror plot.

A Dutch journalist has fled Egypt after it emerged she was one of 20 journalists accused last week of “fabricating news” and being party to an alleged terrorist plot.

Dutch journalist Rena Netjes

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Egypt not under the military rule, nor will it be: Foreign ministry

Egypt is not under military rule, nor is it heading towards this, the Ministry of Foreign affairs said in a Thursday statement addressing several controversial allegations about the interim government.


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Egyptians under pressure to vote ‘yes’ in referendum on constitution

Muslim Brotherhood boycotts the poll that is expected to set the seal on overthrow of former president Mohamed Morsi

Egyptians will vote this week for the first time in the post-Morsi era, in a referendum that the new establishment hopes will formally ratify a fresh constitution, as well as demonstrate public support for the ex-president’s army-backed removal last July.