Turin’s Egyptian museum

The Egyptian Museum of Turin is leading an amazing project of renovation, the completion of which will be in the early months of 2015. Despite the ongoing works, the museum is always open. Since August 2013 there is also a new exhibition project entitled “IMMORTAL, the Art and Knowledge of the ancient Egyptians”.

This museum houses the world’s second largest (first is Cairo) collection of Egyptian artifacts.

To learn more: http://www.museoegizio.it/pages/hp_en.jsp

Image from: http://www.dearitaly.com/places-to-visit-in-italy/egyptian-museum-turin/>


“Eine kleine Nachtmusik” (2013) for violin solo in Cairo

Vykintas Baltakas: news

The Japanese violinist Takao Hyakutome performs the Egyptian première of Vykintas Baltakas’ “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” at the Cairo Contemporary Music Days 2014

13 April 2014, Al Falaky Theater, Cairo


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Facts about Ancient Egypt…

1) Both Egyptian men and women wore makeup. The eye-paint was usually green (made from copper) or black (made from lead). As well as offering protection from the sun, the Egyptians believed makeup had magical healing powers, too!

2) Unwrapped, the bandages of an Ancient Egyptian mummy could stretch for 1.6km. Yikes!

3) Love playing boardgames with your pals? Well, gang – so did the Ancient Egyptians! One popular game was ‘Senet’, which was played for over 2000 years! The game involved throwing sticks (in the same way we throw dice) to see how many squares to move your piece forward on the board.

To see more: http://www.ngkids.co.uk/did-you-know/Ten-Facts-about-Ancient-Egypt

Two interesting facts about Egyptian pyramids:

1) Most Ancient Egyptian pyramids were built as tombs for Pharaohs (rulers of Ancient Egypt) and their families. To date, over 130 pyramidshave been discovered in Egypt.

2) The Pyramid of Khufu at Giza is the largest Egyptian pyramid. This incredible structure weighs as much as 16 Empire State buildings!

To see more: http://www.ngkids.co.uk/did-you-know/Ten-Facts-about-Ancient-Egypt