Cats In Art – Past Present Future

Artwork that involves animals is always on my radar, no surprise, and I appreciate any type of art that involves cats. There are lots out there but I have attempted to narrow it down to a few of my personal favorites past, present and future.

I have been fascinated by Egypt and its artwork ever since I can remember, and as a child I will never forget seeing the beautiful artifacts of the famous Pharaoh Tutankhamen at the ROM exhibit here in Toronto. Most people are aware that ancient Egyptians worshiped and revered felines, depicting them in the forms of Deities with the most famous being Bast. Bast had different incarnations before being represented as a domestic cat, which I think is the image most are familiar with. I know it’s the first one I remember seeing and it has been ingrained in memory ever since.

Cats, History, Art, Egypt, Gods Bast or Bastet as…

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Underneath the dust

heba taher

“She is beautiful but her beauty is appreciated when you look closely at her”this is an expression I heard from someone but he was not talking about Egypt ,but the description fits her perfectly.
There is an ancient feeling emanating from its earth , there is a story in every corner, she has witnessed so many events and adventures, there is a sense of danger about her people , you fear them , yet they can be very kind and genuine , her people have a very rich genetic pool , just like the states , that’s what our physiology professor used to say about our genetics , we have been occupied by so many civilizations or cultures for over 3000 years, before that we had our unique hand made stone wall carved identity , and this identity was tarnished by some and polished by other invading civilizations, yet nowadays…

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The throne of fire


The gods have been making a mess out of things since they were unleashed in the human world, and as descendants of the house of life Sadie and carter haven’t had time to train because of their responsibility to keep the gods on a leash. However the god Apophis is now rising and they only have a few days to make sure he doesn’t break free and end the world as they know it, which is a difficult task, full of adventure and action.
This book is a very good book, it’s full of action and adventure with a sprinkle of romance. It keeps you on your feet and just when you think you’ve figured it out Riordan throws in a crazy plot twist! So I totally recommend this book one hundred percent. Enjoy!


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Egyptian animal mummies

Ancient Egyptians really loved their dogs and cats – not to mention their snakes, crocodiles and birds.

Animals held such a prominent place in ancient Egyptian society that tens of millions were mummified, some going into the pharaohs’ tombs to rest eternally in the company of their kings. Others had their own special cemeteries, where they were buried in coffins as elaborately carved as those of royal family members.

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